Full HD DLP4710 Chipset Evaluation Module
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DLP® LightCrafter Display 4710 EVM-G2 is an easy to use, plug and play evaluation platform for the Full HD DLP4710 chipset. The DLP4710 chipset is designed to be used in a wide array of display applications like mobile projectors, screenless TVs, interactive displays and digital signage. The DLP4710 chipset is composed of the DLP4710 (.47 1080p) Full HD DMD, DLPC3439 display controller and DLPA3005 PMIC/LED driver. This EVM comes equipped with a production ready optical engine and offers a compelling combination of resolution (Full HD), brightness, and programmability in a small form factor.

The DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2 tool includes boards, optical engine, DMD, flex and LED cables and is designed for a max. LED current of 16 A.

  • 1080p HD display using DLP4710
  • Digital controller for the DLP4710 DMD, DLPC3439
  • PMIC/LED driver for the DLP4710 DMD and DLPC3439 controller, DLPA3005
  • Production ready RGB LED optical engine from YoungOptics
  • DLP4710, DLPC3439 Configuration and Support Firmware

What's Included

  • 1 HDMI cable
  • 1 USB cable
Not Included
  • External 19VDC, 4.74A power supply. Click here to order power supply.

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DLP LightCrafter 4710 Gen2 Firmware


Not Available ACTIVE v7.3.2   15 May 2019  

DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2 MSP430 Software


Not Available ACTIVE v1.0   08 Sep 2016  

Full HD DLP4710 Chipset Evaluation Module


Pricing may vary.


EVM GUI Installer for 2010, 3010, 3010-G2, 4710 and 4710-G2 EVMs


Not Available ACTIVE v7.4   15 May 2019  
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Technical documentation
Application notes (3)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 1114 13 Nov 2019
PDF 1864 13 Nov 2019
PDF 507 03 Aug 2017
User guides (4)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 696 06 May 2019
PDF 904 08 Dec 2017
PDF 947 01 Dec 2016
PDF 704 20 Aug 2015
More literature (1)
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PDF 38 02 Jan 2019

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Part Number Name Product Family
CDCLVC1102  Low Jitter, 1:2 LVCMOS Fan-out Clock Buffer  Clocks & timing 
CSD17309Q3  30V, N ch NexFET MOSFET?, single SON3x3, 6.3mOhm  MOSFETs 
CSD17501Q5A  30V, N-Channel NexFET™ Power MOSFET with 20 Volt Vgs  MOSFETs 
DLP4710  DLP? 0.47 1080p DMD  Display & projection chipsets 
DLPA3005  PMIC/LED Driver for DLP4710 (0.47 1080p DMD)  Display & projection chipsets 
DLPC3439  DLP® Display Controller for DLP4710 (0.47 1080p) DMD  Display & projection chipsets 
LM1117  800-mA 15-V linear voltage regulator   Power management 
LM2940-N  1-A, 26-V, high-PSRR, low-dropout voltage regulator  Power management 
MSP430F5514  25 MHz MCU with 64KB Flash, 4KB SRAM, Comparator, DMA, UART/SPI/I2C, USB, Timer, HW Multiplier  Microcontrollers (MCU) 
SN74AUP1G07  Low-Power Single Buffer/Driver with Open-Drain Outputs  Buffer/driver 
SN74AVC4T774  4-bit dual-supply bus transceiver with configurable voltage-level shifting and 3-state outputs  Voltage level translators 
SN74CBTLV3257  3.3-V, 2:1 (SPDT), 4-channel analog switch with partial-power-down mode  Switches & multiplexers 
SN74LVC1G06  Single Inverter Buffer/Driver With Open-Drain Output  Buffer/driver 
SN74LVC1G08  Single 2-Input Positive-AND Gate  Gate 
TLV62565  1.5A Buck Converter in SOT23 Package  Step-down (buck) regulators 
TLV700  200-mA, high-PSRR, low-IQ, low-dropout voltage regulator with enable  Power management 
TPS2061  Single 1-A current-limited, power-distribution switch  Power management 
TXS0102  2-Bit Bidirectional Voltage-Level Shifter for Open-Drain and Push-Pull Application  Voltage level translators 

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