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Microcontrollers (MCU)

Wired & wireless MCUs

The broadest portfolio of wired and wireless Arm? Cortex?-M based MCUs with the lowest power, advanced security and best-in-class analog integration.

Software development kit

Simplify development with the SimpleLink? SDK, a complete set of validated, fully documented drivers, stacks and code examples.

SimpleLink? Academy

SimpleLink? Academy provides a comprehensive and interactive learning experience for the SimpleLink portfolio of devices.

100% application code portability

What is code portability?

The SimpleLink Platform was designed from the ground up to provide developers with flexibility to scale their product offering by adding new features to existing products or creating complementary solutions while preserving their software investment.?

  • 100 percent code compatibility across SimpleLink MCU portfolio? ?
  • Our drivers offers standardized set of functional APIs for integrated peripherals?
  • ?Integrated TI-RTOS, a robust, intelligent kernel for complete, out-of-the-box development? ?
  • POSIX-compatible APIs offer flexible OS/kernels support?
  • Encryption-enabled security features? ?
  • IoT stacks and plugins to add functionality to your design

Unified wired and wireless platform

Develop your wireless application with the SimpleLink Host MCUs, designed with ultra-low power precision analog & high-performance Ethernet

Industry-leading wireless MCUs featuring low power, robustness, integrated security and seamless support for the industry's broadest offering of wireless protocols

Any SimpleLink wireless MCU can also be used as a wireless network processor by adding an external host MCU, supported by the common core SDK

Browse by application

Building automation

Building automation has unique challenges ranging from high throughput data transfer to ultra-low power battery operation. With a portfolio of trusted SoCs, the SimpleLink Platform can help.


Designing heating and air conditioning systems requires energy efficient solutions that can last. The SimpleLink Platform can help by providing ultra-low power wired and wireless devices.

Smart grid

The SimpleLink Platform offers optimized microcontrollers for smart grid applications, such as utility meters, home and building automation, power line communication and grid infrastructure.