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Optimize your system with special function amplifiers

High performance with specialized functionality for unique design needs

Fully differential

Find the right solution for the differential input on your ADC

Line drivers

High-output power and flexible supply options to enable sophisticated and reliable communication systems

Transimpedance amplifiers

Wide-bandwidth amplifiers for virtually any current to voltage (I-to-V) conversion need

Transconductance amplifiers

Wide-bandwidth, voltage-controlled current sources

Video amplifiers

High-performance, low-cost video amplifiers with and without integrated filters, and with support for SD to full-HD video formats

Logarithmic amplifiers

Logarithmically scaled outputs for a wide, dynamic range of voltage or current inputs

Sample & hold amplifiers

High accuracy and fast acquisition sample-and-hold circuits

RF amplifiers

Amplifiers providing gain, signal conditioning and protection while maintaining signal integrity with optimized power consumption and available in small-sized package options for optimal board placement and routing

TEC/laser PWM power amplifiers

High-current, highly efficient power amplifiers suited for driving applications like TEC in systems powered from 2.8 V to 5.5 V

Frequency converters

Voltage and frequency controlled devices for accurate signal conversion

Isolated amplifiers

Precision op amps with maximum accuracy and low power consumption, qualified for basic and reinforced isolation applications