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Public policy

Our government relations team works to advocate for policies that promote growth, innovation, and competitiveness for our company and our industry. We engage with stakeholders around the world to support these goals that reflect our company values – including high ethical standards, inclusion and sustainability – and create a better world through semiconductors.


Our company supports expanding access to international markets and creating opportunities for technology-driven business growth. This enables us to deliver our products to our global customers.


We are committed to developing a robust and diverse STEM workforce, including the ability to hire and retain top global talent from U.S. universities. We invest significant resources in R&D and encourage support for university research funding.


We work to shape a favorable business environment for our company and industry. This includes maintaining a competitive tax environment, complying with export control obligations and encouraging balanced environmental regulations.


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Market access

As a U.S.-headquartered, multinational company that sells the majority of our products overseas, we advocate for open trade policies that recognize the global nature of the electronics industry and promote fair competition.

We work with governments to encourage trade agreements and policies that:

  • Increase market access by reducing tariffs and eliminating other barriers to trade
  • Modernize trade for the digital age
  • Address discriminatory practices, standards or requirements that restrict trade
  • Increase transparency
  • Set high standards for intellectual property protection

Technology-driven growth

Electronics continue to revolutionize many sectors, including automotive, industrial, medical and energy. The physical world is being connected in new and innovative ways. We support policies that foster technological advancements and allow our business to grow in these areas. Specifically, we support:

  • Encouraging deployment of technologies that improve automotive safety and increase energy efficiency
  • Enabling the development of connectivity for both industrial users and consumers to benefit from smart technologies


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Access to talent

Our company’s ability to compete, innovate and succeed relies on the ability to hire and retain the world's greatest scientists and engineers.

In the United States, international students represent the majority of advanced-degree graduates from university programs in electrical engineering, a key discipline for our company. Current U.S. employment visa policies put American companies at a disadvantage for hiring and retaining those students. Our advocacy focuses on:

  • Enacting meaningful employment-based visa reforms that enable U.S. employers to access top global talent and give individuals with advanced degrees in STEM from U.S. universities a high priority for permanent resident status
  • Preventing measures that make it harder for U.S. employers to access and retain such talent, including overly restricting legitimate use of visas

STEM education

Our company strongly supports science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education programs and policies to build the U.S. talent pipeline. Our company’s education initiatives and the TI Foundation support efforts to foster STEM education and school improvement, especially in communities where we have a presence.

We are committed to engaging under-represented groups in STEM, specifically women, African American and Hispanic students. ?

Research investments are at the heart of ensuring the United States remains competitive. Federal funding plays a critical role in supporting fundamental research at U.S. universities and national labs. Pre-competitive consortia and university research support groundbreaking semiconductor technologies and innovative applications.

We support robust federal and state funding to reinvigorate fundamental research, particularly at the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Department of Energy Office of Science. We also encourage state-level initiatives, such as the Texas Research Incentive Program, that leverage non-state dollars for emerging research universities.


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Tax policy

We support local, national and international tax policies that recognize that the semiconductor industry is global, capital-intensive and R&D-focused. Worldwide, we to seek to ensure that tax policies are fair, predictable and transparent, and contribute to the global competitiveness of our operations.

Export controls

Governments regulate the export of certain semiconductors, equipment and technology to particular countries, and for particular end equipment and end users. We take all our global compliance obligations very seriously. As a result we actively engage to ensure that regulations keep pace with technology developments and are targeted to prevent key technologies from falling into the wrong hands. We support ongoing efforts to update national and multilateral export control regulations in a manner that allows U.S. companies to effectively compete in global markets.

Operational flexibility & supply chain

Our global supply chain and operations are essential to delivering innovative products and value to our customers. We monitor policies that affect our operational flexibility. Specifically, we support:

  • Maintaining affordable, sustainable and reliable access to energy and water for TI manufacturing sites
  • Managing privacy and cybersecurity concerns responsibly with flexible approaches that allow businesses to innovatively serve their customers around the world
  • Promoting responsible supply-chain policies, including feasible and effective efforts to ensure that our products do not contain minerals derived from conflict sources

Environment, safety & health

We have a strong record and commitment to ensuring a safe workplace and being a responsible steward of the environment.

We monitor environmental laws and regulations, particularly at the sites where we operate, to ensure well-informed and responsible approaches. Our priorities include:

  • Encouraging environmental measures that are balanced, consistent and reflect the realities of multinational operations and complex manufacturing processes
  • Ensuring that new regulations and legislation are both workable and proportionate